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Year-Round Commercial Property Maintenance Services

Property maintenance is taking reactive or preventative maintenance on a property to ensure it remains fully functional and safe for those renting it. Making sure it is adequately maintained prevents serious issues from arising in the future (which cost more money), maintains the overall safety/well-being of the location, and can increase the longevity of external (roof, shingles, windows) and internal aspects (small and large appliances, electrical) of the property.

Maintenance contains a range of requests and responsibilities. Some may be responding to maintenance requests, servicing/repairs or HVAC systems, landscaping, cleaning, repairs, and pest control. Ongoing safety inspections are imperative to the functioning of the dwelling, as anything that may be malfunctioning or deemed unsafe can be a significant liability.

Failing to do ongoing maintenance tasks can result in significant consequences. Therefore, regular inspections are advantageous for owner and tenant alike.

Why is property maintenance essential?

Property maintenance is a proactive approach to ensuring the property is always kept safe and operational. Should a roof begin leaking or pipes burst, it affects your business and tenants’ lives. Whether you are responsible for hotels, condominiums, apartments, or residential homes, a property cannot be kept safe if it is not continually maintained and cared for.

Our Commercial Property Maintenance Services

JW Landscaping is a team of dedicated professionals committed to providing Ontario’s best customer service. We accomplish this by using only the best products and providing superior service to ensure each of our clients is completely satisfied. Our attention to detail and dedication provide peace of mind to our clients.

Tree and Shrub Maintenance

Regularly pruning your shrubs and trees are necessary to keep your property looking its best. It keeps them tidy, provides shape, removes dead branches/trees, and is essential in overall plant health.

Spring Clean-Up

As the snow and ice melt, branches, dead grass, leaves, debris, and garbage appear on your property’s lawn, making it look unsightly. Also, salt from melted ice seeps into your lawn and can harm the grass. Our team removes all debris and patch up lawn areas. Our spring clean-up will keep your landscaping in immaculate condition.

Fall Clean-Up

On a commercial property, raking leaves continuously is tedious. Our team incorporates the latest technology to decrease the amount of dead leaves in a short time.

Eavestrough Cleaning and Repairs

Eavestroughs can easily clog with falling leaves and debris causing damage. Our team can clean your most hard-to-reach places safely. Furthermore, should anything fall to the ground, we will clean it up.

Irrigation Services

Water ensures you always have a healthy, vibrant, lush lawn. JW Landscaping is the expert in providing optimal water amounts for superior growth. We install the best sprinklers designed to reduce hydro costs and minimise waste.

Our services don’t stop at installation, either. Once your irrigation system has been installed, you can also call JW Landscaping to provide irrigation winterizing and opening.

In Canada, ensuring your irrigation system is ready for winter is essential to ensure it’s protected from the harsh effects of the cold and snow. Irrigation experts at JW Landscaping will ensure sprinklers and other irrigation equipment are ready for winter, saving you a big headache when everything begins to thaw.

At the end of the colder months, we also provide irrigation opening, getting your system up and running again just in time for your lawn to come back to life in the warm weather.

Lawn Over Seeding & Sodding Services

This service keeps your lawn looking healthy. Patchy grass from animal urine, wet weather, and shade can kill your grass. Our team will plant seeds in patchy areas to restore your lawn to a lush, thick state. As seeds take some time to grow, if you require immediate results, we can lay down sod.

Mulching Services

Our mulching services are dedicated to increasing your curb appeal, keeping your plants cool in the summer/protected in the winter, and ensuring your flower beds are moisture-controlled. Mulch ensures everything is kept healthy and prevents root rot/over-watering.

We are experts at using mulch. Our team knows that mulch shouldn’t touch trees/shrubs and that it is necessary to refresh it during spring. This enhances plant life and eliminates weeds.

General and Intensive Cleaning

We strive to make your property look its best at all times. Our general and intensive cleaning services will ensure it is kept in top-notch shape to increase your property’s longevity.

Pest Control

Pests are a nuisance. Not only can they do lawn damage, but they can also mess up a property’s interior, resulting in costly repairs. Furthermore, many pests carry disease and can detract from tenants living in your dwelling.

We assist you in all aspects of pest control, ensuring that all animals are no longer on your property and keeping your tenants safe.

Parking Lot Maintenance

Our parking lot maintenance keeps your lot pothole-free and smooth. We fix anything that can potentially damage customer vehicles. Our experts will fill potholes, freshen lines, and conduct repairs.

Benefits of Hiring a Property Maintenance Company

Proper maintenance ensures that all occupants are satisfied and safe. Those who feel safe in their environment are likely to recommend you to others and continue renting. The benefits of property maintenance are as follows:

  • Content Tenants: If your tenants are happy, they will continue to rent the property. Furthermore, they will likely recommend you to others seeking to find somewhere to live.

    Keeping tenants satisfied will assist you in maintaining the full capacity of your buildings. Furthermore, tenants will appreciate that you are attentive to their needs.

  • Avoiding Liabilities: If maintenance is regularly performed, it reduces the potential for onsite accidents/incidents. By being proactive, you can better stay clear of lawsuits and liabilities.
  • Increases Property Value: Well-maintained properties retain their market value. If a property is neglected, it will decrease its value and detract from rental fees.

  • Reduces Equipment Failure and Breakdown: Preventative measures ensure that property/buildings have fewer incidents of breaking down. Regularly examining major assets like elevators, HVAC units, and furnaces ensures that costly equipment operates efficiently and optimally at all times.

    Maintenance professionals can handle each area with expertise and have professional credentials.

  • Validates Insurance: If something on your property is damaged, the insurance company will want to know whether regular maintenance was performed. If they discover maintenance was neglected, they may refuse to pay.
  • Handle External and Internal Requests: Professionals can handle external and internal work. They can handle plumbing, regular maintenance, appliances, grounds, and landscaping.

Why choose us?

There are many reasons to choose JW Landscaping for commercial property maintenance needs. We have been in business for over 15 years and specialise in helping clients maintain their property’s beauty. We ensure our clients are delighted with their overall results.

Experienced Team

Our team generates a lasting impression on clients ensuring each project provides a positive experience. Our reputation is built on trust.

High-Quality Materials

Since we strive for a positive customer experience, we only use quality materials in everything we do, backed by superior workmanship. We seek our client’s approval at every stage of the process and will always make things right.

End-to-End Solutions

We provide a complete service to our clients, eliminating the need to deal with several companies and dealing with timing. Having a single company that can handle our customers’ needs makes us unique and easier for property owners.

Partner with JW Landscaping for Commercial Property Maintenance

Whether you manage a hotel or condo or require top-quality maintenance to keep the exterior of commercial offices looking inviting and clean, you can trust the experts at JW Landscaping to provide quality, year-round service that leaves no stone unturned.

Our property maintenance experts are thorough, efficient and dedicated to ensuring your commercial property puts its best face forward, improving curb appeal and helping you maintain a reputation for spotless excellence.

Want to know more about what our commercial property maintenance services can do for you? Get in touch with us at You can also give us a call at 905-512-6549 or Request a Quote online.



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Jim Gazzard
Jim Gazzard
They installed stone patio and lawn in 2022, and fence in 2023. JW Landscaping is very professional and reliable. Very happy with their work and highly recommend them for any landscaping work.
caitlin peters
caitlin peters
Happy with the work that JW did for us in our front and back yard. The communication was great with Melissa, who was able to work within our budget.
Paul Sutin
Paul Sutin
Hired JW Landscaping to re-sod front yard. Couldn't be more pleased with the finished job. Pic is about 2 and a half weeks in. Thanks to Melissa and team. Punctual and fair price. Fantastic!
Amit Kalia
Amit Kalia
They did a great job quickly and professionally for our real estate clients in Ancaster. Will not hesitate to recommend JW Landscaping!
Emily Greene
Emily Greene
JW Landscaping helped us fix up our backyard. This consisted of installing all new sod in our backyard, also putting down new mulch to complete the look, straightening and laying flat our patio...
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Kate MacDonald
Kate MacDonald
Very impressed with this landscaping/snow removal company. Very responsive to any requests and provide excellent, quality service! Would recommend to anyone!
Debbie Brellisford
Debbie Brellisford
Melissa is great to deal with, I used them for multiple properties I manage
Danger Ranger
Danger Ranger
I hired JW Landscaping to remove a row of bushes and to trim down a tree in my yard. I then had them do a fall clean-up while they were here. They perfectly removed the bushes and leveled the...
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Dan Garcia
Dan Garcia
We have been using JW landscaping for a number of years for commercial ground maintenance and snow services. They are always punctual and complete services as scheduled. They are quick to respond to...
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