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Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems

Irrigation Systems and Their Importance in Landscaping

Is your lawn looking a little brown? Do you have standing puddles or dry spots? You may require an irrigation system. External landscaping leaves an impression on visitors, whether it is in a commercial or residential setting. Therefore, your exterior must be well-maintained.

Superior irrigation systems assist you by;

  • Keeping the lawn looking its best and healthiest.
  • Saving you money by using the correct amount of water without waste.
  • Providing environmental benefits by absorbing pollutants in the air.
  • Preventing overeating with sensors, water gauges, and timers.
  • Targeting areas for watering (drip systems are beneficial in watering your root system).
  • Reducing the amount of fungi and weeds by depriving them of water.
  • Providing convenience, allowing you to set your watering schedule.

Benefits of a Quality Irrigation System

Aside from saving time, there are many benefits to incorporating an efficient irrigation system. Automatic systems are beneficial by reducing water supply, reducing costs, and conserving resources compared to watering by hand.

Reduces Weed Growth

Incorporating a system designed for your landscape ensures that only areas that require water receive it. It eliminates the potential for weed growth. Drip irrigation systems direct water at each plant’s roots instead of sprinkling the entire area.

Preserves the Soil Nutrients

Hand watering permits extra water to seep into the soil. When runoff enters your soil, it carries much-needed nutrients away from plants. Hoses can compact soil generating root disease and plant suffocation. Irrigation systems preserve soil structure and assist in helping your plants to absorb nutrients.

Conserves Water

Over 50% of water is wasted through evaporation or runoff. You can establish a daily or weekly schedule and timing for watering by using a drip irrigation or sprinkler system. This system will shut water down when irrigation is complete.

By automating your system, owners do not have to be present to have an effective system. The automatic shut-off ensures minimal water usage, reducing costs and preventing waste.

Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems are installed below or above ground. The system applies water to specific areas using controlled methods, thereby never overwatering/underwatering any area. This is done by incorporating an irrigation sprinkler.

Irrigation sprinklers (water sprinklers) are helpful in irrigating landscapes, golf courses, agricultural crops, and in residential settings. Water is pumped through networks of valves, pipes, and pumps. Customers can use this system regardless of the property’s usage or size.


Droughts and insects can harm your property. When they remain undernourished, there may be an immediate need for replacement. Instead of hand watering or depending on rain, which may not be feasible depending on the season, irrigation systems ensure they receive the correct amount of water.

During rainy seasons, sensors will ensure your vegetation isn’t overwatered. Some monitor soil water and weather conditions. They will adjust their schedule as necessary.

Sprinkler systems save time and are customised to your landscape’s needs. They eliminate the need for hand watering and the hassle of taking out all the equipment necessary to keep your lawn pristine.

Despite initial costs being higher, the overall benefits are cost-effective. When you consider that you spend more money hand-watering a lawn than using a sprinkler system, you save money over time. The system is set up to know exactly what your landscape needs to thrive. Therefore, it only distributes what it needs, saving you money and time.

Installation and Implementation

When installing and implementing your sprinkler system, we follow this routine to ensure your satisfaction with our work.

Site Visit

Initial consultations with our company involve a site visit. It allows us to understand the size of your outdoor space, your landscape, and its needs before beginning a project. We will sit down with you to discuss your needs and what you want to incorporate into your landscape.

Our team will do their best to incorporate elements you like into the design and work within your budget. Furthermore, we will begin construction once you are satisfied with the details.


Based on your needs, we will install a drip irrigation system that can be manually operated or delivered on automatic zones.

Drip irrigation ensures water is received to your plant’s root system and prevents soil erosion. Your plants, flowers, and trees will always receive the necessary nutrients.

This system is established by examining which plants need watering, soil type, and sun exposure. Some areas will require more water than others. Then, we plan out the scheduling based on our findings.


Proper maintenance is required to keep the system operational. Owners should inspect the system during irrigation seasons by turning on each zone to ensure water reaches all areas. Our experts can maintain, install and repair lawn sprinklers.

Irrigation System Opening and Winterizing

Once your irrigation system is up and running, in addition to ongoing maintenance, JW Landscaping also provides seasonal start-up and shut-down services. Every Canadian resident knows how harsh our winters can be, which is why ensuring your irrigation system has been properly winterized before the cold can damage it.

JW Landscaping provides thorough winterizing services, to ensure your sprinkler system and other irrigation equipment have been properly shut down and prepared for the cold, so you can trust that everything will be in top working condition next spring.

When the time comes to start everything back up again, our irrigation system experts will return to open the system back up again, just in time for the warmer weather.

Why Choose JW Landscaping for Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems

Your property is an investment and should appear inviting not only inside but outside as well. Always address your outside space as it increases curb appeal and can add to your property value.

However, maintaining a lush, green outdoor space can take time, which you may not have. Therefore, investing in irrigation and sprinkler systems is an ideal way to improve the appearance and health of your lawn.

Years of Expertise

With over 15 years of experience, JW Landscaping knows how to balance your tastes with a budget and is familiar with increasing market value.

Our experts will design a stunning outdoor space that reflects you while adding curb appeal. We can create safe designs that allow water to divert from the residence/building and prevent wildlife from entering your area.

Our expert landscapers and lawn care specialists will personalise your property and enhance the surrounding community.

Quality Work

Many people attempt to manage their lawn care on their own. However, they frequently need more knowledge, time, and materials to do so effectively. At JW Landscaping, we are dedicated to ensuring our customers are satisfied with the work they receive. That is why we only use the latest and best materials for the job.

Our team is well-versed in the latest lawn maintenance methods and recommends only the best products. We will match your needs and work within your budget so your lawn always looks its best.


We customise our irrigation and sprinkler systems to your property and its requirements.

Each landscape is different and will require different things. By customising our offerings, our clients are assured that every area of your landscape will be addressed and your outdoor space will thrive. This individualised effort provides our clients with peace of mind.

Reach Out for Expert Irrigation and Sprinkler System Services

Enhance your outdoor space with JW Landscaping’s expert irrigation system maintenance services. A well-designed system saves time, money, and water while keeping your lawn healthy and looking its best.

Are you interested in learning more about our professional irrigation services? Reach out to us at You can also give us a call at 905-512-6549 or Request a Quote online.



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Jim Gazzard
Jim Gazzard
They installed stone patio and lawn in 2022, and fence in 2023. JW Landscaping is very professional and reliable. Very happy with their work and highly recommend them for any landscaping work.
caitlin peters
caitlin peters
Happy with the work that JW did for us in our front and back yard. The communication was great with Melissa, who was able to work within our budget.
Paul Sutin
Paul Sutin
Hired JW Landscaping to re-sod front yard. Couldn't be more pleased with the finished job. Pic is about 2 and a half weeks in. Thanks to Melissa and team. Punctual and fair price. Fantastic!
Amit Kalia
Amit Kalia
They did a great job quickly and professionally for our real estate clients in Ancaster. Will not hesitate to recommend JW Landscaping!
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Emily Greene
JW Landscaping helped us fix up our backyard. This consisted of installing all new sod in our backyard, also putting down new mulch to complete the look, straightening and laying flat our patio...
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Kate MacDonald
Kate MacDonald
Very impressed with this landscaping/snow removal company. Very responsive to any requests and provide excellent, quality service! Would recommend to anyone!
Debbie Brellisford
Debbie Brellisford
Melissa is great to deal with, I used them for multiple properties I manage
Danger Ranger
Danger Ranger
I hired JW Landscaping to remove a row of bushes and to trim down a tree in my yard. I then had them do a fall clean-up while they were here. They perfectly removed the bushes and leveled the...
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Dan Garcia
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