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Does your lawn contain thinning turf, or bare patches, or do you struggle to grow grass because certain trees drain the life out of your property? If you want your lawn filled with thriving grass, you may benefit from sod installation.

Sodding involves a sod installation company placing strips of pre-grown grass on prepared, exposed soil. Set-up lasts two to three weeks and provides homeowners with a lush, thick, green lawn. Sodding involves the transplanting of mature grass, as opposed to starting with seeds and water. It is less time-consuming and provides instant results.

Simple seed and fertiliser treatments are ineffectual if the lawn’s roots/turf are weak. At JW Landscaping, we provide premium bluegrass sod that are well-developed and thick. Our sod is disease-free, healthy, and well-suited for your lawn. Our professional installation helps you to enjoy a thicker lawn sooner, and you will save time.

Sodding, as mentioned, provides an instant, fuller lawn. Less water is involved than when growing your lawn from seed, and it reduces the appearance of weeds.

Benefits of Sodding

Sodding has considerable benefits. Not only does it provide instant results, but it is less involved than any other method available. It corrects issues like thinning grass, bare areas, or excessive weed growth. It returns your lawn to a lush, green state with minimal effort.

Sodding is a more beneficial way to resuscitate a lawn when compared to springing, seeding, plugging, and other methods.

Less Irrigation

Once installed, the sod requires watering twice daily for a few weeks. Seeding needs up to four or more waterings daily to provide your ground with the necessary moisture for germination. The costs can quickly add up, and it is a time-consuming process.

Prevents Soil Erosion

Since the grass is fully matured, it controls mud, dust, and erosion. For a quick, excellent filter from dust and dirt from the home, select sodded turfgrass.

Additionally, it protects the underlying soil from the elements.

Dense Lawn

Sodding pieces fit tightly against each other, providing a denser-looking lawn. There are no bare patches that will require extra attention. Results are instantaneous, giving homeowners a head start in yard usage.

When you use sprigged or seeding methods to revive your lawn, a significant amount of time is dedicated to allowing it to grow. Often, people have to refrain from using the lawn for a time. The typical amount of time to develop new grass is 18 months. In contrast, sodding can withstand heavy activity within two weeks.

Heat Reduction

Sodded lawns readily absorb heat since they are created with bare soil. Asphalt, artificial turf and concrete all emanate heat. Proper heat reduction is vital in regions experiencing hot temperatures. In addition to heat reduction, sodding is instrumental in reducing the greenhouse effect and cooling the air.

Our Sod Installation Process

Is having a lush, thick-looking lawn your top priority? Would you love to have this done in a fraction of the time? We outline the steps involved in proper sod installation.

Soil Examination

At the initial stage of the process, we inspect your soil, remove weeds/plants, and measure the property to ensure the sod fits and looks great.

Grass Removal

A sod cutter is used to remove old sod. After removing it, a high-quality fertiliser prepares the soil for new sod. Using a rototiller, the top six to eight inches of soil will require loosening.

Two inches of finished compost is spread across the area. Placing two to three inches of sand over clay-like soil will assist with drainage.

Based on a soil test, a spreader can place the appropriate starter fertiliser and lime if necessary.

Levelling the Lawn

Our experts use the best quality soil in preparing the area for sod. We grade around the property to ensure there is an even terrain. A triple-mix soil has the ideal balance of compost, peat moss, and soil to provide the perfect environment for growth.

New Sod Installation and Inspection

Once your ground is ready, the sod is laid in a preferred pattern to provide your desired aesthetics. Sod should first be laid along a straight edge. It may be along a fence, yard, or patio.

After completing this step, a knife is used to cut half of the next piece to fit tightly in short seams. Sod must be laid without any overlapping sections.

After it is completely laid on your lawn, the edges are trimmed to generate a perfect finish. An entire walk around the property and inspection ensures your sod is installed correctly.

You will need to stay off the new sod for one week. Regular watering twice daily will settle the soil (preferably in the morning). The remainder of the day is less than ideal since heat can cause evaporation. Night-time watering may leave the sod wet, which may encourage fungal diseases.

Why Choose JW Landscaping for Sodding Services

Many homeowners think laying sod involves dropping it into place. However, there is more to the process. The underlying soil needs to be prepped to encourage proper root growth.

Regular watering and other methods are also required for adequate maintenance. At JW Landscaping, we have the knowledge and experience to lay down sod properly. We provide fast installation and expert advice to keep your lawn looking its best.

Years of Expertise

JW Landscaping has been in business for over 15 years. Whether your home requires a lawn replacement or you need your lawn cleaned up or mowed, our customers can feel comfortable knowing that we are industry experts and will properly care for your property.

Our objective is to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Our company strives only to provide the best materials backed by quality work. We can cultivate a reliable selection of sodding by working with various types of grass.

Professional Workers

Hiring expert workers who are insured and fully bonded provides peace of mind to our clients while we are on their property. Our company contains a $5 million liability and auto coverage.

Homeowners will never need to be concerned with our sodding installers working around the home. We work diligently to ensure our customers receive outstanding service.

Quality Work

Our company uses only quality materials to guarantee an exceptional job. Our commitment to excellence and quality generates trust among our clients. We are committed to providing you with the best job and reliable customer service. Our team will work with you at every step of the process.

Contact JW Landscaping for Expert Sodding Services.

If you’re looking to transform your lawn quickly and efficiently, sod installation may be the perfect solution for you. With JW Landscaping’s professional expertise, you can revel in a lush, thick lawn in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional seeding methods.

Our comprehensive process, from soil examination to new sod installation and inspection, guarantees a high-quality result. Choosing JW Landscaping for sodding services will help you achieve the lawn of your dreams.

To book your free estimate and consultation with our sod installation company, get in touch with us at You can also give us a call at 905-512-6549 or Request a Quote online.



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Jim Gazzard
Jim Gazzard
They installed stone patio and lawn in 2022, and fence in 2023. JW Landscaping is very professional and reliable. Very happy with their work and highly recommend them for any landscaping work.
caitlin peters
caitlin peters
Happy with the work that JW did for us in our front and back yard. The communication was great with Melissa, who was able to work within our budget.
Paul Sutin
Paul Sutin
Hired JW Landscaping to re-sod front yard. Couldn't be more pleased with the finished job. Pic is about 2 and a half weeks in. Thanks to Melissa and team. Punctual and fair price. Fantastic!
Amit Kalia
Amit Kalia
They did a great job quickly and professionally for our real estate clients in Ancaster. Will not hesitate to recommend JW Landscaping!
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Emily Greene
JW Landscaping helped us fix up our backyard. This consisted of installing all new sod in our backyard, also putting down new mulch to complete the look, straightening and laying flat our patio...
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Kate MacDonald
Kate MacDonald
Very impressed with this landscaping/snow removal company. Very responsive to any requests and provide excellent, quality service! Would recommend to anyone!
Debbie Brellisford
Debbie Brellisford
Melissa is great to deal with, I used them for multiple properties I manage
Danger Ranger
Danger Ranger
I hired JW Landscaping to remove a row of bushes and to trim down a tree in my yard. I then had them do a fall clean-up while they were here. They perfectly removed the bushes and leveled the...
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Dan Garcia
Dan Garcia
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