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Jun 11, 2024 Sodding 101: What it is and why it’s important for commercial properties

Many things are generally talked about when it comes to a business—their quarterly performances, revenue, staff, and products, to name a few. However, the most discussed aspect of a business is often its reputation.

Reputations can make or break a company. This goes beyond just how someone does business or treats their staff; it’s also about the care and attention the owner takes in the company’s appearance and presentation.

You may have heard the phrase “curb appeal.” This refers to the overall aesthetic of the property, both externally and internally. It includes everything from cleanliness to landscaping and demonstrates the pride, care, and attention invested in a property.

If your landscaping looks a little worn, you need a fast upgrade to prevent any damage to the reputation you have spent years building.

What is sod?

You may have seen large flatbed trucks carrying many rolls of grass, but you may not have realized that this is sod.

Sod is strategically farmed specialized grass that is cultivated to withstand high traffic and be easy and convenient to transport and transplant into new areas.

Versatile and efficient, it’s the easiest and least expensive way to refresh a landscape, large or small.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Winter can be harsh on landscaping—grass in particular. Grassy areas can suffer in the spring if not properly prepared ahead of the snowy season.

This can be seen by the grass being unable to grow properly, being lacklustre in colour and health, and just looking drab and patchy. As it’s unsightly, this can give the wrong impression about your company.

You need to not only compete with, but also to outshine your competition. This is where sod comes in as a landscaping miracle. Simple to install over large areas, it is versatile enough to fit any shaped area of land, and it will provide a lush green space within just a few hours of being planted.


Sodding an area that is in desperate need of a refresh is a more effective method than trying to seed the space.

There are instances where seeding is a good idea, as it allows you to create your own blend of grass seeds and work with particular areas without replacing the entire lawn. While seeding benefits some companies, it can be costly since more time is spent on labour.

With sodding in Hamilton, sod is fast to lay down, easy to maintain, and works to help you reduce costs in the long run.

Low Maintenance

Grass tends to have wiry and thin roots. The roots can be easily damaged through over-watering, incorrect aeration, and heavy foot traffic.

Sodded grass is much more compact and has a naturally more robust root system because it is cultivated in specially formulated soil. The benefit is that the root system settles into the new area quickly and is more resilient from the moment it is transplanted, with better water absorption and natural filtration.

The grass is thicker and sturdier overall and doesn’t need to be cut as often. Once installed into the appropriate areas, it takes just a quick watering and a few hours to settle before it is vibrant and ready to be walked on, appearing as if it has always been like that.

Natural Environmental Controls

Plants and trees cycle oxygen and carbon dioxide depending on the time of the day. Grass, especially sod grass, does the same thing. This aids in creating cleaner air locations on the property, as well as making cooler areas for people to sit in.

Sod absorbs heat, so the ground feels cooler, which is a nice and refreshing change on a hot summer’s day when staff are on their breaks. Being a natural product, photosynthesis occurs, allowing the grass to absorb carbon dioxide from the air and release it again as oxygen.

The blades of grass also have special properties that allow them to collect and trap dust particles.

For commercial properties in industrial areas, this helps to improve the air quality by preventing the particles from remaining in the atmosphere.

More Eco-Friendly Benefits

Improving air quality is a fantastic feature of a naturally occurring process, but the environmental benefits don’t stop there.

Due to the nature of the root system, sod can reduce soil erosion by providing much-needed support. It can bind the dirt together in a way that benefits the roots while preventing it from breaking up and shifting.

This system also acts as a filtration for the soil by removing harmful toxins and controlling excess water flow.

Above ground, the grass works to clean the air, while below, it prevents the earth from moving and crumbling under our feet. Additionally, it helps to reduce noise in the area. While it is not fully noise-cancelling, it can decrease the ambient sounds and create a calming space for people to sit in or conduct informal meetings.

Sodding: Your Secret Landscaping Weapon

Easy to install, versatile, low maintenance, and with amazing environmental factors, sodding your property (rather than seeding it) is the fastest way to catch up to and even overtake the competition.

Once laid, it requires minimal watering and will last longer in harsh, sudden weather events, as it is compact and yet gentle to the touch. JW Landscaping provides landscaping and sodding Hamilton property managers trust to revitalize their commercial property.

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