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Why invest in commercial landscaping? Beautifully landscaped properties are a reflection of your business and your brand. It is what will ultimately attract customers to your location. Therefore, commercial property maintenance becomes a priority in attracting clientele and maintaining safety year-round.

Hamilton contains 15,714 businesses vying for customer attention. This area continues to experience strong growth, with one of Canada’s most diversified economies. With growing professional services, trade, health care and food and beverage sectors, creating a great first impression is essential to increasing business.

Therefore, companies must do their best to stand out. Since people are visual by nature, beautiful, clean landscapes attract customer attention. Subconsciously, people associate well-maintained lawns with trustworthiness.

Hamilton is a source of natural beauty. With scenic waterfront routes to explore, lush forests, and the Bruce Trail winding through the Niagara escarpment, Hamilton is an outdoor lover’s dream! The area is surrounded by nature beginning with the Royal Botanical Gardens to Dundurn Castle to the West Harbour.

Yet, these areas wouldn’t be tourist attractions without spectacular landscaping. Drawing customers into your business begins with creating a stunning outdoor environment.

Why We Are the Best

At JW Landscaping, we are detail-oriented. That’s one of the traits that sets us apart from our competition. Our team doesn’t settle for a “good enough” job. We strive to provide our clientele with exceptional service because they have entrusted us with their most valuable asset: their property and image.

Regarding commercial property maintenance, JW Landscaping has over 15 years of experience. Our exceptional staff will go over and above to increase your property value and attractiveness. We will assist you in making your landscaping look spectacular.

Our services involve everything necessary to keep your property beautiful, clean, and safe. Commercial property maintenance takes a great deal of effort. So, why not go with a company that will exceed your expectations and is equipped with exceptional personnel dedicated to a job well done?

Skills and Experience

JW Landscaping’s 15-year reputation is built on a foundation of trust and is a job we don’t take lightly. We strive to provide our clients peace of mind while increasing their property value.

Spring Cleanup

Leaves, mud, and debris accumulate in the snow over winter. Furthermore, salt from melted ice seeps into the lawn and harms grass. Our team will clean up the debris and patch areas of your lawn, keeping your landscaping immaculate.

Fall Cleanup

Raking dead leaves off of a commercial property is tedious. We use the latest technology to eliminate more dead leaves in a fraction of the time.

Waste Management

Some people throw their garbage anywhere, and it can quickly find its way onto your property. We keep your yard looking professional and safe by eliminating litter, removing bulky items from the property, and changing waste receptacles.

Commercial Lawn Maintenance

We use the most advanced lawn care tools to brighten each commercial property. Our team can fertilize, mow, and seed your lawn. We can remove dead leaves and use safe herbicides to prevent weed growth.

Commercial Irrigation System Installation

Water is what keeps your lawn healthy. We are experts in judging the right amount of water necessary to foster good growth. By installing the best sprinklers you can minimize waste, and save on hydro.

Eavestrough Cleaning

Clogged eavestroughs can create building damage. We can clean difficult areas safely. If anything drips to the ground, we will clean it up for you.

Window Cleaning

We have the appropriate training to ensure window cleaning is professionally and safely done. Your business’ windows will sparkle and allow more natural sunlight to enter.

Tree and Shrub Maintenance

Pruning is needed to keep shrubs and trees tidy. Our professionals are experts in pruning branches into shapes, maintaining plant health, and removing dead trees.

Parking Lot Maintenance

Parking lot maintenance involves keeping the parking lot smooth and free from potholes that can damage customers’ vehicles. Our team freshens lines, fills potholes, and does repairs.

JW Landscaping services the Brantford, Binbrook, Stoney Creek, and Hamilton areas. Our attention to detail and going the extra mile for our clients generate a lasting positive impression. As a commercial property maintenance company, we ensure each client is delighted with their project’s end result.

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JW Landscaping service areas


JW Landscaping services the following areas for Commercial Property Maintenance.

Ancaster, Binbrook, Brantford, Hamilton, Stoney Creek

Waste management services


You can count on JW Landscaping to clear your property of liter, change and clean your garbage waste baskets, and remove any bulk items from the property
Turf maintenance services


Cut, Trim, Blowing all surfaces,
Fertilizing in the Spring, Summer and fall
Overseeding for patchy areas
Dethatching of thick areas
Herbicide applications for unwanted growth
Spring cleanup services


It can be exciting when a new season is fast approaching. Unfortunately, spring comes with great preparation. Call JW Landscaping! Our Property maintenance company will clean up the unsightly leaves, sticks, and other debris around your property.. We are quick and efficient with the professional equipment to service our clients.

Fall cleanup services


When the temperatures start to drop, fall lawn care can be miserable to deal with or impossible to tackle due to snow and ice. That’s why it’s important to schedule a fall clean-up before the winter comes. JW Landscaping can take care of everything you need to get your lawn ready for winter.
Irrigation & sprinkler systems


At JW Landscaping, our Property maintenance company can provide installation, repairs, start-up and shut down services for your irrigation system
Eavestrough & window cleaning


It is very important to take care of the regular maintenance of your homes eavestrough. The system collects and carries water away from your foundation to protect your home from unwanted water damage. Our property maintenance company has the experience and we have the appropriate at heights training to ensure this task is done safely. This project is messy and we can finish this project off with a profession home window cleaning. Your windows will sparkle and you will have more natural light shine through.
Parking lot maintenance services


The parking lot is the first (and last) thing your customers will encounter when visiting your business. Preventative maintenance can add years to the life of your parking lot. It can also help you avoid costly emergency repairs and reduce your overall liability claims. Call JW Landscaping to fill pot holes, freshen up line painting, repair cracks, fix or replace concrete curbing, ramp repairs and more.