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Creating a Snow Removal Plan: 6 Best Practices to Protect Your Commercial Property

Creating a snow removal plan: 6 best practices to protect your commercial property

Snow is the dreaded white stuff that falls every year that we cannot avoid. No one likes to discuss it, but we must prepare for it. 

Leaving things to the last minute can land you in hot water, so early preparation sets you up for success and a less stressful winter. As a commercial business owner, you also need to consider that should there be an accident, you may be liable, so early preparation helps you avoid these extra headaches.

Early to mid-fall is the perfect time to start looking at your snow removal plan and getting things set up and ready to go when the first snow starts to fly. 

1. Booking Early Prevents Late Scheduling

Consulting your snow removal company and booking their services ahead of time means that when the snow does come down, they are already set and ready to plow into action. 

You should also consult them to determine your precise needs. Every commercial property is different, and decisions must be made before the snow falls and covers essential pathways and entry points. 

Areas like stonework, which could be damaged by plows, or landscaped flower beds which are at risk of being harmed by salt and ice melt chemicals all need extra consideration, and the service should be tailored to your needs. 

This early booking also allows you to set up emergency snow removal. Blizzards and snowstorms usually happen without warning, and early snowfall can also create havoc, so booking early gives you the time to set the schedule and implement the emergency response so that you are covered no matter what happens. 

2. No Record? Then It Didn’t Happen

City councils are not always required to keep logs of snow removals, locations, dates, etc. It can create an issue if someone has a slip or fall and is injured. 

To prevent legal issues on your commercial property, it is a good idea to implement a record or log system for your snow removal. It should include things like:

  • Date and time of removal
  • Area(s) cleared
  • Person/company who carried out the work

By maintaining records of snow removal, you protect yourself if a customer or employee suffers an injury on the property due to ice or snow. It shows that you are actively clearing, and salting goes a long way if the case goes to court.

3. Extra Salt On Hand

Part of the services offered by your Property Maintenance Company will be to salt the areas right in front of the main doors, side doors, and emergency exits—even the walkways from the parking lot to these areas.

However, there can be times when, after cleaning, it rains, and ice builds up again before they return. Having extra salt or ice melt on hand in these areas means that you can quickly throw down extra to protect the people walking in before the company returns to clear the area again. 

While you don’t have to salt everywhere, the key areas that see a lot of foot traffic will be the areas where if something were going to happen, it would be there.   

4. Warning Signs 

Every commercial property is different, so take a moment and walk around yours. Check to see if any areas could pose a danger in the winter. 

Is there any section of the roof, for example, that overhangs the walkway or parking stalls? It could create a falling ice hazard, and you must display the appropriate signage to warn patrons. 

Maybe part of a walkway is extra slippery when wet or is a high ice risk. You could provide railings for people if necessary, but again, you need to indicate this with the correct warning signs. 

Reduced speed limit signs for larger parking lots can be a temporary measure in the winter. Getting people to slow down a little more will help prevent accidents and collisions. 

5. Check Your Gutter And Lights

Winter is a dark time. The sun goes down earlier, leaving us in darkness for longer. 

Check your exterior lights, as they will get a lot of use in the wintertime. Are they working? Are they bright? Clean as many as you can, and replace any burnt-out. Improved lighting helps people move around and can prevent accidents. 

Check your gutters and drain pipes. Any blockages can cause ice and snow build-up, which can lead to damage as it then later thaws and refreezes. 

While snow and ice removal is vital to protecting you and the people around your business, preventing damage to the building in the spring is also essential at this time of year. 

6. Fall Prevention Inside As Well

You have taken all this time and effort to ensure the outside is cleared and safe, but don’t forget the inside. 

Mats placed at entrances and exits for people to dry off their wet shoes help to prevent slips and falls inside the building as well.

Encouraging people to bring a change of shoes and provide areas for the wet shoes to be stored will help to reduce the amount of melted ice and snow from being tracked in, creating slipping hazards. Extra signage in these areas will allow people to be mindful of potential wet floors. 

Don’t forget to schedule regular cleaning and changing these mats, too. Include them in your snow removal plan.

Professional And Customized Services from a Top Property Maintenance Company 

At JW Landscaping, we’re experts at clearing snow, ice and slush to help protect your commercial property and residential property.

Starting with a no-obligation onsite visit to assess your needs before any work is done or scheduled allows the professional team to advise on the specific needs of your commercial property. 

As there is no one-size-fits-all plan, JW Landscaping takes the time you need to get your services right. 

With the latest in snow removal technology, all areas can be addressed and carefully maintained. From sidewalks and walkways to snow plowing, snow blowing, and emergency removal services, JW Landscaping has everything you need, including a wide range of landscaping products and supplies to enhance your outdoor space.. 
So call 289-290-5241 today or go online for a free quote and schedule your snow removal services today and stay ahead of the snow.