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7 Landscaping Ideas to Revive Your Commercial Property This Summer

7 landscaping ideas to revive your commercial property this summer

With winter drawing to a close and spring trying to make a breakthrough, now is a great time to consider revamping your commercial landscaping

You might say, “But we recently did our landscaping.” By “recently”, however, do you mean a few years ago? Landscaping methods and types change, meaning your landscaping needs have likely changed, too.

Revival doesn’t have to mean altering the entire landscape. You can focus on a few areas that are the most visible or see high traffic volumes. Also, they don’t have to be outlandish and extravagant changes.

1. Eco-friendly entrance ways

Spaces that see a lot of foot traffic, such as the entrance to your business, don’t have to be a sea of green grass and picket fences.

You can install planters with low-maintenance plants that still create a Zen-like welcome, allowing your customers to unwind a little on the walk to the door. If you want to section off areas, rectangular planters help to create the illusion of a fence, while still being welcoming.

2. Consider hardscaping

Hardscaping refers to pathways, walls, and patios. This doesn’t mean ripping out all the natural green and replacing it with stone and brick. However, it does allow you to work with the existing landscaping by updating walkways or creating a patio area. 

Minor accents, like creating small walls to line a path that can then be decorated with planters, or placing hanging garden pieces, can help to promote your business and brand.

New retaining walls to strengthen the sloping landscape can be decorative as well as functional. Additionally, an open patio seating area for staff on their lunch breaks, or just to meet a client on a sunny day, can elevate the property.

3. Colours and lighting

Different colours have different effects on people, and can influence the way they think. Of course, we are not talking about mind control here, but colours do have a subconscious effect on how we perceive things.

Red can pump you up and get you ready to take things head-on, while yellow can make you relaxed and more open-minded. Choosing your colours wisely is a skill, and a professional landscaper can help with this.

You can use this approach to promote your company, selecting plants and flowers in your brand’s colours. Flowers can be elevated with the right outdoor lighting and can boost your curbside appeal while having a dramatic effect that will get you noticed.

Lighting on its own can create certain environments and ambience and can be adjusted based on the season and time of year. Combined with the right flora, it can produce quite the show.

4. Shaded outdoor spaces

If you don’t already have some shaded areas for people to sit and relax in, now may be the time to invest in them. 

Open spaces can benefit from sun-protecting covers like gazebos or pergolas. Or, perhaps a small fountain or other water feature in an otherwise paved area can break up some of the monotony of a space. Installing umbrellas on tables in a courtyard can have a similar effect.

High-quality seating, such as iron benches or metal tables and chairs, can be inviting. This encourages people to sit and stay for longer, which can result in increased sales as customers relax and enjoy more of what you have to offer.

5. Natural hardscaping stones

Over the last few years, people have been leaning towards natural stone for hardscaping areas such as retaining walls and courtyard seating spaces. There are many reasons why you should, too.

Natural stones are durable, elegant, unique, and low maintenance. However, the real star in this field is armour stone. It is found in local quarries and has an elegance that is previously unseen.

When used in any area of landscaping, this natural stone adds to the overall style with its large and unique shapes and colours. Its thickness means it has an ever-lasting durability and strength, making it suitable for retaining walls.  

Due to its size, it can be a very heavy material. Therefore, for armour stone installation in Hamilton, contact your professional landscaping team to move and install it for you.

6. Automated watering systems

If you haven’t already done so, upgrading or investing in a new automated watering system to help you and your maintenance crew will be a huge asset.

Automated sprinkler systems can take the guesswork out of how often and how much to water your property’s landscape. Rainwater catch systems can also help reduce your bills, increase your budget, and increase your eco-friendly reputation.

7. Keep your brand in mind

Whatever landscaping you choose, keep your brand in mind. For example, use brand-coloured planters, or create the feel and atmosphere that your business is all about. 

If your brand is about the environment, eco-friendly areas and preservation will help you stand out. If you prefer a dramatic approach, bright colours and lighting will serve you well.

For a more subdued and relaxed milieu, hardscaped areas that embrace new trending stones, like armour stone, living elements and lighting, will set the stage for conducting business and brand promotion.

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