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4 Landscaping Ideas to Elevate Your Commercial Property

4 landscaping ideas to elevate your commercial property

What do you feel when you look at the front of your business? Are you proud of the empire you are creating and the employees that help you realize the dream? Or do you feel disheartened about the drab exterior of the building, bringing down the upbeat feel of your brand?

By making a few changes, you can revitalize the latter and regain that confidence and pride. These updates don’t have to break the bank either. 

Careful planning will allow you to create a new look, while keeping true to your brand, and become more welcoming to your clients and customers.

1. Update your existing features

Take a look around and see what features or landscaping you already have. What areas can be updated and what needs to be torn down?

Some features could be refreshed with a new coat of paint or stain. Planters and flower beds can be dug up and replaced with new soil, wood chips, and plants. 

Light fixtures can be cleaned, and as long as they are still in good condition, change out the current bulbs for new energy-saving ones. You will brighten up your property and save money on the electric bill. 

In areas where you can’t update what you currently have, consider hardscaping as a way to update and refresh that section of the property. Hardscaping uses stone and other hard materials to create a new look. This could be a refresh of a current patio area, or even putting one in. 

How about creating a zen garden for everyone to relax in with new sod and fencing? Not only will this increase your curb appeal, but it will also raise the value of the property, should you ever consider selling.

2. Light it up

At night, buildings can often look scary. Employees can feel intimidated leaving the building and walking to their vehicles. Clients may think twice about coming for meetings or conducting business in the late afternoons during the winter when the days are shorter.

By introducing new light fixtures, and brightening up pathways to the main entrance and around the building, you can eliminate those worrying shadows and shine a light on your business. 

You don’t have to go crazy and light every single square inch of the property. However, pathways and the entranceway should be brightly lit so people know where they are going. 

You can even put in coloured lights for certain times of the year to showcase a feature or to celebrate a holiday. Maybe have your brand colours in the lights so you can stand out more from the crowd.

3. The calming sound of water

Water features increase your curbside appeal, add a talking point, and when close to seating areas, they provide calm and serenity. 

You don’t have to go for anything extravagant, though; you are not competing with the casinos in Las Vegas. Small fountains in the entrance area or a feature with a waterfall in the outside patio space will do just fine.

You can also incorporate koi fish into the feature. Being able to sit and watch these fish, or even feed them, helps clients, customers, and employees relax and unwind before a meeting or while on a break.

4. Make it a branding thing

What features stand out about your brand? There are elements in your brand that you can extend into the landscaping for your commercial property. Fortunately, when it comes to construction landscaping in Hamilton, you can rely on the professionals at JW Landscaping to help you realize your goals. 

The unique colours you have chosen to make you stand out in marketing materials could be used in flowers, bushes, and trees. Planters and the right lighting can help your property stand out from any side that the public can see.

By using the natural landscape to your advantage, you can create a brand-based image for your physical location that matches the feel and business model you strive for.

Create a Plan and Budget

Planning ahead and making a budget should always be a priority. This allows you to look at what you currently have on the property. Then, you can determine where you want to start, if you want to do it in stages, and budget accordingly.

Don’t look at it as one large project. This will make things seem overwhelming, and you will continue to put it off. Break everything down into smaller steps, including the following:

  • Talk to the experts: Reach out and talk to the people who can advise you on the best plants to use on the property. They can look at where the sun hits and at what times. This allows them to recommend the best plants and flowers that will thrive in those conditions. 

    You can also discuss hardscaping, building decks, and patios, or using stonework to create features to boost your brand and give your employees and clients a relaxing outdoor space.

  • Decide where to start: Depending on the size of the property, you may want to break it down into different areas. Area 1 could be the main entrance, the first place people see when they approach, and therefore the face of the company. Area 2 could be the east side, area 3 the west, and so on.  

    If you are part of a strip mall, or another type of larger structure, then look at window dressings and stand-alone planters.

  • Budget: Start by getting an estimate or quote for the work you want done. This can give you an idea as to how much to budget for the initial work, and then the subsequent maintenance.

Beauty Is Not Just Soil Deep

Updating your property’s exterior look will elevate your brand and company. A study was conducted recently and showed that 45.9% of customers remain with a company due to their experience, and part of this experience is based on curb appeal.

When done right, the right landscaping and hardscaping of your property will elevate everything to new heights. Employees will be happier and customers will want to keep coming back. 

Reach out to JW Landscaping today to find out how we can help you achieve this goal. Call us at 289-290-5241 or contact us online. We look forward to talking with you!