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5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Fall Clean-Up Service for Your Lawn

5 benefits of hiring a professional fall clean-up service for your lawn

For some, autumn is a magical time when you get to watch the leaves change colour as the cool air arrives and that fall aroma spills out from every coffee shop. For others, it’s a busy time to get the lawn and yard winter-ready.

However this time of year looks to you, your lawn and yard will need to be prepared to survive the winter months and allow the spring to come into its full glory with a healthy rejuvenation. A professional fall clean-up service guarantees that your lawn will get the care and attention it needs.

This service is available to both commercial and residential clients, so regardless of where your lawn is, it will get that much-deserved pampering. Still, why should you trust this landscaping service to a professional? In this article, we’ll examine five advantages of professional fall clean-ups and how to get the best out of your lawn and garden.

1. A breath of fresh air

Removing all the dead leaves as they fall has many benefits. Aside from creating a giant pile for the kids and dogs to play in, removing the blanket of leaves from the lawn allows it to breathe.

Despite the winter months coming in fast, the lawn still needs to circulate the air around it to allow the grass to protect itself in the cold and come back strong and healthy in the spring.

Aerating the soil during this time also allows the ground and grass to breathe. By breaking up the impacted soil, the air and rain can circulate. This allows the nutrients to be dispersed more evenly, reducing the risk of some areas not getting enough while others get too much.

Additionally, fall is a great time to remove any lingering weeds that may have taken root. This removal will also allow your lawn to breathe easier, preventing it from being choked by invasive weeds.

2. Avoid water retention

Winter sees a lot of water on the ground at all times, whether in the form of ice or snow and including rainfall in the early months. Thus, there is the potential for a lot of standing water that needs to dissipate somehow.

If the water, frozen or thawed, remains in one place, it opens the door to issues in the spring.

From cracks in the soil to encouraging mould and fungus to grow in the layers of debris covering the lawn, any water trapped above the lawn will drastically hinder its regrowth and health in the spring.

Keeping the lawn clear and free from any debris in the winter months allows the water to run off as the weather warms up, thus removing the issues that could prevent a great-looking lawn in the spring and summer.

3. Mould and fungus removal

Winter is a great time for spores to hibernate, just waiting for the right conditions to burst forth and take over in the spring.

Debris on the lawn is the prime location for these spores to lay in wait. Feeding on the leaves, sticks, and other organic material, and with a constant supply of stagnant water with nowhere to run off to, mould thrives. Snow mould is a real threat and grows at alarming rates when the conditions are right.

A fall cleanup not only removes the debris, aerates the soil, and lays new seeds, but can also provide a treatment to help protect the lawn and prevent the spread of mould and fungus.

4. Pest control

Unfortunately, mice, bugs, and other pests like to find warm shelter in the winter, where they may hibernate until the warmer weather comes back around. This can be in a crawl space or under the pile of leaves by the garden shed.

When it starts to warm up again, these visitors wake up and look for food. This food source can be found anywhere, but is more readily available in the grass and debris covering it. Bugs, in particular, can do an enormous amount of damage to the grass before it has had a chance to regrow.

5. A good layer vs. a bad layer

Removing the bad debris is essential, but so too is placing a good layer. This may seem contradictory, but there is a difference.

Dead leaves, sticks, plant material, and weeds can become compacted under the weight of the snow, preventing the water from properly running off in the spring. This can encourage the growth of mould and fungus, as well as shelter insects and rodents just waiting for a tasty meal.

A good layer of mulch, however, provides food to the lawn, allows the air and water to circulate, and protects the grass and soil while preventing mould and pests from taking up residence.

Mulch doesn’t compact and form dangerous layers like leaves do. Leaves, being flat in nature, form solid masses that trap air and water. Mulch is made up of different components, such as tree bark, composted organic materials, and straw, which remain free and don’t form these layers.</p

Don’t Fall Behind

Working with a professional fall clean-up service, you can give your lawn the best chance possible of growing back stronger and healthier than before.

Our expert team at JW Landscaping has years of knowledge at our fingertips, and with a green thumb, we can help you prepare your lawn, either residential or commercial, and get it ready for the winter.

We will also keep to your budget and work with you to beautify your landscape before the winter sets in.

So, as the weather starts to cool down, pick up the phone and call us at 289-290-5241, or contact us here to request a free quote online, and we can help you get winterized.