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How to Choose the Right Type of Fence

How to choose the right type of fence

When you start on your landscaping journey to improve and redesign your outdoor space, you often look at all the elements, from the lawn to shrubs and flowers. Even the pathways and lighting should be discussed and planned out. 

However, what about fencing? Whether you’re looking at landscaping for your home or your business, choosing the right fencing for your property will increase the value and enhance curb appeal.

Since choosing the right fence can be a great benefit, making sure you get the best type of fence for your property is paramount.

The Purpose of the Fence

When choosing the right fence, you need to think about its purpose. Why do you need one, and what is its functionality? When it comes to residential fencing, fences typically service two purposes: security and privacy. The type of fence that best suits your needs will often depend on how your neighbourhood is set up. 

For example, if you live in a suburb where all the houses are built very close together, you will likely require a higher fence that offers seclusion and separation from your neighbours. 

When it comes to fencing for commercial properties, fencing can serve a number of purposes. If you are looking to increase the overall security of a commercial property, then a high fence and solid panels with anti-climb paint and alarms are suitable. 

What if you are defining walkways and keeping people off the freshly mown grass? In this case, something shorter with slats and more decoration would be the fence of choice. 

Depending on what you require your fence to accomplish, you will have different requirements and options. Therefore, you need to be sure as to why you want this fence installed on your property.


Anyone can look at a business’ property and say a fence should go here. Nevertheless, the right location and fence for that location have more impact than you think.

If your customers enter through a main entrance just off the street, then a smaller, decorative fence will be inviting. However, if you also have a large area at the back for deliveries that may be a security risk, then a taller fence will be beneficial. 

This doesn’t mean that you can’t have both types of fences. Each type serves different functions, and depending on your property, this can add value to your business.

When choosing fencing for your home, it’s also important to consider where you want your fence. While it’s common for backyards to be entirely fenced in, some people also choose to have fencing and a gate around their front yard as well. This is particularly important for added security or for pets you’d like to prevent running out. 

Fence Maintenance

Different materials are used depending on the role that your fence will play in your business. This leads to different maintenance requirements. 

Metal fences, compared to wooden fences, will be lower maintenance, as the latter will require yearly painting or repair following harsh storms or weather conditions. Wooden fences are beautiful to the eye but do require more care. 

Composite fences are just as appealing and are lower in maintenance. Stone and brick fences can be just as appealing, very durable in all weather conditions, and provide great privacy with low-maintenance requirements. They can also be incorporated into living walls with flowers and plants.

Security fences, which employ the use of deterrent wires, will need to be checked for damage and weak spots on a regular basis. If a security fence uses specialized paint as a deterrent, then this may need to be applied or refreshed yearly. 

The maintenance of your fence will have an effect on your budget. Thus, when you are looking at fencing services in Hamilton, this should be discussed with your expert landscaping team at JW Landscaping. This way, you can get the best fence with the most budget-friendly options.

Boost Your Curb Appeal

The location of your commercial business was carefully selected with your clientele in mind. Consequently, your landscaping has been designed to boost your brand and values.

The right fencing will further boost your brand and raise your curb appeal higher than that of your competitors. However, it should also work with the area you are located.

For example, high-security fencing (with security wires and cameras) is better suited for industrial areas than in a strip mall setting. In the same line, small white picket fences with hanging baskets and stone pathways would stand out in an industrial business park, but would likely not last long due to the routine high traffic.

The fence can also be incorporated into your brand. If you have a business that relies on foot traffic, then making it open and bright, and guiding people to your door will boost your brand.

Fencing also helps enhance your home’s curb appeal and adds to your landscaping design. The type of fence you choose should complement your home’s aesthetic and add an extra element to your front or backyard.

The Right Fence Will Lead to Bigger Things

The right fence in the right location and serving a defined purpose will boost your brand and provide added security for your business. It will also help protect your home and enhance your landscaping. 

Choosing the right materials and design is essential for selecting the best type of fencing for your property. 

Whether you’re looking for commercial or residential fencing, talk to the professionals at JW Landscaping to get your perfect fence installed and working for you. Reach out online or call us at 905-290-5241. We look forward to speaking to you today!