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Founded just half a decade ago, JW Landscaping has already won the respect of many property owners in Cambridge as the best landscaping service in the area. JW Landscaping is home to the industry’s best professional landscapers. What any other landscaping company does, we do it with better care and in a much more customized manner.

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What we do.

We offer a wide range of all year-round landscaping services to both commercial and residential properties, as well as one-time fixes depending on your requirements. Our services include, but are not limited to:


1. Lawn maintenance

It is without question that a well-trimmed and maintained lawn makes your home shine brighter, but it isn’t easy to keep a lawn in shape. With various flowers that need tending to, and the newly installed stone paths that need treatment; it would save you money and time to let our team of professional landscapers handle the task.

2. Snow Plowing

Our residential snow programs include plowing your driveway as well as clearing walkways, steps and entrances. Additional services such as de-icing and additional walkways can be added according to customer needs.


1. Commercial Maintenance and Landscaping

The appearance of your commercial property creates a lasting impression on your customers. Well maintained grass and a tidy and neat environment sends out a message that your business is well organized and managed. If your commercial property lacks colour to it, a well-done landscaping job could transform it into the best attraction in town. Attractive stone-work and the perfect placement of landscaping elements will help you charm new clients without any extra steps.

2. Commercial Snow Plowing & Salter – Winter Maintenance

A large buildup of snow at your commercial property illustrates your business as a “closed” and unwelcoming light. There is no rocket science in understanding your visitors would wish to walk hassle-free without dragging their feet in the snow to reach your property. Often times, it could be beyond the capacity of your schedule to have the snow cleared up by means that are directly available to you. This is where JW Landscaping comes in. Our services include plowing your Lot as well as clearing walkways, steps and entrances. Additional services such as de-icing can be added according to customer needs.

Lawn maintenance service Cambridge

Additional services

1. Landscaping Designs

Our team of artistic designers will illustrate the environment of your dreams. To us, the solution for every client is unique.

2. Landscaping Services

We passionately engage in recreating any singular landscaping features or complete makeovers you desire.

3. Pools, Spas and Hot tubs

We are ready to assist you with an appealing inclusion of cobblestone around your pool, or to generally enhance the appearance.

4. Clean ups and Lawn care services

A well-maintained lawn is attractive, but very time consuming. JW Landscaping stands ready to assist you clean up and care for your lawn.

5. Flowers and Seasonal Urns

Flowers make anything look good – as long as they are the right ones. We design your flower urns to compliment your existing theme.

Get in touch with us

Contact us right away and speak to us about all your requirements. We would consider an invitation to landscape your property a privilege and an honour.

We are just a phone call away: (416) 729-6735 Or have us call you: http://www.jwlandscaping.ca/contact-us-.html

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  • How will I participate in the planning of my property's landscaping?

      The planning process for your property begins with a conceptual plan, shaped by understanding your ideas and the natural flow of the land. As the planning progresses from the conceptual stage to the master landscape plan, you will be actively engaged in discussions at each phase of development. Whether your project involves designing a new driveway, creating gardens, or establishing a serene courtyard, we prioritize thorough consultation to ensure the resulting garden is emotionally and visually fulfilling. Your input is invaluable in crafting a garden where you can relish leisurely strolls and moments of repose

  • Why is it crucial to hire a contractor with an established reputation in the industry?

      Employing a well-established and reputable contractor may come with higher upfront costs, but it serves as a form of long-term insurance for both you and your property. By choosing an established contractor, you safeguard yourself against future callbacks and concerns. Such contractors have a proven track record of delivering quality work and ensuring customer satisfaction, reducing the likelihood of issues arising down the road. This commitment to excellence and reliability makes hiring an established contractor a wise investment in the longevity and integrity of your project.

  • What is "thatch" in lawn care?

      Thatch refers to a buildup of dead grass that forms a barrier between the surface and the soil. This layer of dead grass makes it challenging for water and essential nutrients to penetrate the soil effectively. To address minor thatch issues, regular raking is recommended. It's advisable to rake the lawn twice per season, once in the spring and again in the fall, even if you use a mulching mower. Additionally, your lawn should receive 1-1.5 inches of water per week, either through rainfall or irrigation, with morning watering being most beneficial. Consistent and proper mowing is also essential, ensuring that no more than one-third of the leaf blade is removed in a single cutting. Aeration can further assist in reducing thatch buildup, and for more significant thatch problems, dethatching can be performed at an additional cost.

  • Will I encounter difficulty operating my sprinkler system?

      You will be provided with a professional sprinkler timer and controller that are designed to meet your specific watering requirements while remaining easy to program and adjust. In fact, the latest controllers available even have the capability to automatically adapt to changing weather conditions, temperature, and rainfall. This means that you can simply sit back and relax, as your sprinkler system takes care of the rest, ensuring hassle-free operation.

Jim Gazzard
Jim Gazzard
They installed stone patio and lawn in 2022, and fence in 2023. JW Landscaping is very professional and reliable. Very happy with their work and highly recommend them for any landscaping work.
caitlin peters
caitlin peters
Happy with the work that JW did for us in our front and back yard. The communication was great with Melissa, who was able to work within our budget.
Paul Sutin
Paul Sutin
Hired JW Landscaping to re-sod front yard. Couldn't be more pleased with the finished job. Pic is about 2 and a half weeks in. Thanks to Melissa and team. Punctual and fair price. Fantastic!
Amit Kalia
Amit Kalia
They did a great job quickly and professionally for our real estate clients in Ancaster. Will not hesitate to recommend JW Landscaping!
Emily Greene
Emily Greene
JW Landscaping helped us fix up our backyard. This consisted of installing all new sod in our backyard, also putting down new mulch to complete the look, straightening and laying flat our patio stones and I couldn’t be happier with everything. Our yard has never looked so nice. The workers were so professional and helpful. They explained everything and answered all my many questions over the days they worked. The follow up to also ensure our new sod is growing and we are having no issues has been very much appreciated. I look forward to working with them again when we decide to tackle our front yard. 10/10 would recommend.
Kate MacDonald
Kate MacDonald
Very impressed with this landscaping/snow removal company. Very responsive to any requests and provide excellent, quality service! Would recommend to anyone!
Debbie Brellisford
Debbie Brellisford
Melissa is great to deal with, I used them for multiple properties I manage
Danger Ranger
Danger Ranger
I hired JW Landscaping to remove a row of bushes and to trim down a tree in my yard. I then had them do a fall clean-up while they were here. They perfectly removed the bushes and leveled the ground. My back tree no longer touches my roof and all of the dead branches are gone. They also removed all and cleaned up all the leaves, any branches or dirt. It looked so clean you wouldn't know they were there. I will 110% be calling them to come by in the spring and look after updating my back yard.
Dan Garcia
Dan Garcia
We have been using JW landscaping for a number of years for commercial ground maintenance and snow services. They are always punctual and complete services as scheduled. They are quick to respond to emails and phone calls. When required for extra services they are always on the job quickly.
Elizabeth Calouro
Elizabeth Calouro
We have used JW Landscaping for a number of years for our Commercial grounds maintenance. They provide both summer and winter services for several of our commercial properties. The work is always completed to our standards and the crew this year even went beyond with our tenants commenting how great the properties were kept. Paul and Melissa have done a great job to ensure good communication and that work is completed as requested. Looking forward to continuing a great business relationship.