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The Ultimate Spring Yard Clean-Up Checklist

The ultimate spring yard clean-up checklist

When winter withers away and spring is around the corner, it’s time to get into gear and start your spring yard cleaning! Even though the start of spring is still a bit too cold to spend the whole day doing spring clean-up and landscaping, you can begin doing a few things at a time and leave the big jobs for when the weather gets warmer. 

Since performing a big yard clean-up can be an overwhelming task, you can do just one thing at a time by crossing off the items on the following spring yard clean-up checklist. 

Clean Up the Litter

As the snow begins to melt, the first sight of your lawn might be filled with debris left from the fall and winter. Start yard maintenance by picking up waste like leaves, small branches, random garbage blown from the winter winds, and twigs from paved, grass, and garden areas. 

Throwing this stuff away will instantly give your yard a clean look while allowing new grass to grow. Once you’ve cleaned up all the litter, you can assess any damage your yard has incurred over the winter.

Trim Trees and Bushes 

Do a walkthrough of your front and back yards and trim all small trees, hedges, and bushes. Clip away dying or dead branches to give your plants a solid foundation to grow in the spring. 

Along with getting rid of dead branches and weeds, cut off any branches that are blocking high-traffic areas where you’ll be doing a lot of walking during the spring and summer. 

Need help with spring clean-up and landscaping in Hamilton? JW Landscaping can professionally cut hard-to-reach branches and bushes so that you don’t have to.

Clean the Flower Beds

Once you’ve cleared up all the winter debris in your yard, turn your attention to the hedges and flower beds and remove any debris from soiled surfaces where you’re thinking of replanting fruits, vegetables, and flowers. 

Don’t forget to wear gardening gloves while using a pair of scissors or small garden shears to remove weeds and dead plants with prickly leaves.

Hand-Turn All Garden Soil

Once the snow has melted, grab a spade and some compost–this is the optimal time to hand-turn all your garden soil. It might seem like a big job, but doing it early in the spring will prepare your garden’s foundation.

First, layer the compost sparingly over your garden. Next, push the compost into the soil about 7-8 inches deep with your spade or fork. During this process, pull out the dirt by flipping it over, so the organic matter ends up on the bottom, and the soil is on top. During the final step, cut up the chunks of soil, using the spade or fork.

Edge All Flower, Hedge, and Tree Beds

Edging all flower, hedge, and tree beds give smooth lines between beds and the other parts of your lawn and garden. Edging areas of your lawn during the spring clean-up can help you save time later as well. 

The spade-cut look is the most common form of edging and can be accomplished by following these steps:

  • Face your garden bed and use a spade to cut into the turf, and create an outline of the entire bed.
  • Face away from the bed and cut through the grass at an angle to slice through the grass.  
  • Dig out the pieces of clods and compost them. Add your finishing touch with plastic edging, wood, or metal decorations.

Sweep or Blow All Hard Surfaces

After the snow melts, grab a rake and give your lawn a good once-over. Get rid of any remaining debris, twigs, and leaves that were stuck during the winter, as this will prepare your lawn’s foundation going into spring. Give your driveway, pathways, and walkways a deep sweep with a sturdy broom to eliminate any dirt or debris. 

For expert help, contact our professional spring clean-up and landscaping services in Hamilton. You can expect our team to clean all hard surfaces and use top-graded leaf blowers to remove debris and grass clippings.

Replace Mulch

When replacing the mulch in your yard and garden, make sure to remove the protective winter mulch with a rake and then lay the new mulch on top. By mixing the old and new mulch, the nutrients will continue to feed the soil and save you some time and money by not getting rid of all the old mulch.

Do Some Power Washing

Do you have a patio with patio furniture and exterior decorations that got dirty during the winter? No one wants to sit on grimy outdoor chairs and tables. So, grab a pressure washer and some liquid dish soap and do some power washing. 

Clean Your Windows 

Over the fall and winter, blowing dirt, debris, and ice make your windows dirty. Use a pressure washer and window cleaner detergent to clean your windows by pointing the nozzle at a 40-degree angle, as it will spray the water effectively to remove the dirt. 

Perform Eavestrough Cleaning

Eavestroughs are the metal attachments on the sides of the roof. If you neglect cleaning them, your gutters and downspouts may get damaged and leak. Since this is a big job that is hard to reach, you can use a pressure washer to clean them. Don’t forget to use a ladder first. 

Trim the Lawn and Exterior

If you own a commercial or residential property, trimming the grass is an essential part of spring clean-up and landscaping. Regular grass-cutting services ensure the general upkeep of your commercial property’s exterior or your home’s lawn, keeping it looking lush and healthy all year round.

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