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Residential landscaping, just how important is it?

You have built your dream home – a truly magnificent piece of architecture that soaked up your love and investment like a sponge. As a proud home owner, it is perfectly normal to want every pedestrian who trots through your street, never mind your neighbours, to notice your lovely modern castle. Pardon me for the use of the term “castle” here; a home doesn’t necessarily have to be overwhelmingly spacious in order to look stunning.

Now, the appropriate question to ask would be “What would make my house truly stand out?”. JW Landscaping brings you answers to all your questions:

More than just your basic construction plan

It is most easily established that the basic plan and design of the exterior play a significant role in determining how attractive your home looks. However, there are methods to make your hundred-thousand-dollar investment look a dozen times more attractive, without building upwards, sideways or digging a single extra inch of foundation. For now, let’s focus on a strategical approach to giving your property new glamour.

Altering the shape and form of the immediate landscape around your home is the ultimate leap in making your residence look more appealing. A garden with flowers of a specific colour, a tree beside the balcony, stone fountains and complimentary carpentry work are just some of the elements that are involved in the art of landscaping. When done right, landscaping can bridge the gap between an expensive home of a marvelous architectural design and a particularly stunning home with an inviting aura.

Residential landscaping service

Different kinds of landscaping

Landscaping in itself is a complex of various ideas and vividly imaginative endeavors. In the professional world of enhancing the appearance of a home, landscaping can be divided into multiple different categories:


Furnishing your property with the gift of life is one of the most remarkable incorporations of manmade and nature. Adding a touch of flora to your outdoors and occasionally; indoors, can never really go wrong regardless of your home’s design. A certain type of tree may provide the shade you require at that corner in your property, or a well-trimmed hedge would just complete the look your lawn has, or a certain type of flower in your garden would dazzle the beholder – There are many creative ways a professional team of designers can utilize softscaping.


Landscaping is not always about green grass and pretty flowers. Sometimes paved paths, gazeboes and other inanimate objects are exactly what your property needs to fill every gap in its beauty. Hardscaping features often serve more than just aesthetic purposes when they are placed around your home. Brick pathways provide space for inhabitants to walk across while avoiding delicate grass. Water features such as fountains give the atmosphere around your home a relaxing ambience and cleanse the air by removing pollutants.

Hardscaping is actually a lot more diverse than you may think. Some other elements that fall under the category of hardscaping include:

  • brick or metal fences
  • Stone and concrete retaining walls
  • Concrete, brick or stone patios


While this categorically falls under hardscaping, Carpentry is interesting enough to warrant its own section in this blog. It is no coincidence that wood rhymes with “good”, and the word “good” here comes right before designs – good designs. Wood structures are an element of beauty that cannot replaced with anything else. A carpenter can work wonders on the attractiveness of your property by installing a plethora of wooden designs. If you are planning to have your home landscaped, here are some wooden inclusions you should consider adding:

  • Wooden fences
  • Wooden patios
  • Wooden decking
  • Wooden sleepers

Other Landscaping Elements

Adding construction aggregate or sand to your yard, placing sculptures and plenty of other things unmistakably only make your property look better. Your hands are not tied when it comes to choosing how to upgrade your home’s visual charm. If you have a large enough space, you could even have a swing or a slide installed. Adding aesthetic outdoor furniture is also a part of landscaping, as long as you do it right. Now, learn more about “doing it right” in the next section.

Doing it right

Your home is more than just your greatest asset. It is also a reflection of your personality and style. While beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder, we can influence absolute control over the picture that is being painted. You may have an overall idea of what your home requires to shine, but hiring a team of professional landscapers will make the job a lot easier and fruitful. Experienced professionals in the field such as JW Landscaping knows all about how every little detail affects the impression your home creates. With the help of skillful designers JW Landscaping is home to, you can take control of how your property looks and give it that everlasting touch of brilliance!