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The Benefits of SOD Insulation

The benefits of sod insulation

Before we look at the benefit of sod as insulation, we need to know what sod is. Sod, or turf, is the top layer of soil in which grass grows. 

Turf is usually harvested and rolled up for transportation in strips, making it easier and faster to lay in its new home. Traditionally, sod is used to create new grass landscapes. It replaces damaged grass with vibrant new, and fuller-looking grass. Sod can also create a new green space for people to relax.

It can be easily cut, then shaped. It can then be laid quickly and precisely, giving instant results. Sod is used for both residential and commercial plots of land. 

But what other application does this have, and how can it benefit you, the surrounding people, and the environment?

Sod Insulation Is Not A New Concept

Since grass evolved to filter nitrogen out of the atmosphere naturally thousands of years ago, humans have found a way to use it to our advantage. When people evolved and started building huts and houses, sod and mud were abundant and used in constructing these structures. Mud and clay were used to create the walls, while thatch and grass were used for the roof.

For some people, the sod and plants used on the walls and roof were a form of camouflage, and for some, it was the best use of the materials available. The plants and flowers added an extra visual appeal. At one point in history, these flower houses were in demand.  

It has been recognized for centuries as a perfect, natural insulator. With the cost of construction materials ever increasing, it’s getting another look as a viable substitute in the construction world.  

Modern sod roofs are bringing back this forgotten use. With the right combination of space and plants, not only does this help the environment, but it can also increase the value of the property the sod roofing is on. 

How Is Sod Used As Insulation?

With the environment being on most people’s minds, looking for alternative solutions to insulation products is becoming increasingly popular. Sod is proving to be among the most economical as it also helps reduce the risk of flooding and protects the materials used in the roof or structure on which the sod is being placed. The plants and flowers used in partnership with the sod are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 

As sod is delivered in rolls, you can place it where you need it and cut it to shape so there are no gaps. This method helps to create a perfect blanket that helps to retain heat in the winter and keeps things cooler in the summer. 

With the addition of plants, flowers, bushes, and small trees, you can create a mini ecosystem that attracts wildlife. This helps to maintain the sod and reduce your utility bill. 

Why Is It Good Insulation?

The grass and plants in the sod help to regulate the temperature of the environment under it, as a natural process with its survival. Adding this additional layer creates the perfect insulation, preventing it from getting too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

Before being placed on your roof or other structure, the sod is treated with a fire prevention substance, which in the event of a fire, will not emit toxic fumes and can also act as a fire retardant. Sod is also mould resistant, so there is no need to treat it or the roofing materials to protect it. 

While it may take more in the way of maintenance, it’s more cost-effective and environmentally sound as a few acres will make a few hundred cubic meters used for insulation. 

A Healthier You And A Healthier Environment

The grass is a natural nitrogen filter. The earth helps to prevent flooding and erosion of the surrounding landscape under the structure. The bushes, trees, and other flowers promote the natural recycling of carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. 

Living in a structure with a sod roof promotes a healthier lifestyle for you as a resident or worker in an office building. When used on a “flat” roof, or communal space, you can promote a stress-free area to sit and relax. This helps increase your vitamin D exposure and to breathe in cleaner air. 

The environment benefits as your carbon footprint is reduced, using locally grown products. The need to mass produce construction insulation and chemically treat mould and water resistance is reduced, saving the company money. 

Being a natural substance, it helps to reduce the risk of flooding by filtering runoff in the rain. Also, it filters the water as it passes through, allowing it to keep harmful chemicals at bay. 

Your company’s reputation also grows as you show that you are concerned about the environment by using natural resources that are easily sustainable. 

A Sodding Good Idea

For all your sodding services in Hamilton and surrounding areas, JW Landscaping has your sod and turf needs covered. 

Working with our expert team, who has been caring for landscaping needs for over 15 years for residential and commercial properties, creating the perfect ecosystem and look with the precise use of colours, and seasonal plants or flowers, you can create your ideal design easily and quickly. 

Taking the time to understand what you need, your sod, seeding, mulching, and more, your residential landscaping requirements are met to perfection. 

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