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Landscaping consists of both hardscapes and softscapes. These terms are complete opposites of the other, yet are complementary to one another. Each is necessary for a functional outdoor space, and the terms emphasise each one’s uniqueness. We discuss the distinctiveness between softscaping services and hardscape construction.

Softscaping services add vibrancy and life to your outdoor area. It turns a bland courtyard into a beautiful oasis using shrubs, trees, flowers, grasses, and foliage plants. Softscapes inject beauty, function, and privacy into your outdoor area, which can be enjoyed for many years.

By contrast, hardscape construction comprises brick, stone, and concrete elements. Anything that is “hard” falls under this category. Softscapes involve all living aspects of an outdoor area, while hardscapes do not.

Understanding Hardscapes

Hardscapes complement softscape design. This encapsulates the non-living elements of yard design. Overall, it provides a pleasant contrast to the foliage represented by softscapes, further enhancing your outdoor environment.

Elements of hardscape construction include wood, brick, concrete or brick aspects (pergolas, patios, water features or lounge areas). It also incorporates fountains, ponds, and water features.

Benefits of Hardscaping Construction

Hardscaping construction centres on more than visual appeal. It can also define an area. It can separate outdoor activities or regions, add a complementary place to a business, or make a statement. They also define sidewalks, driveways, or gravel paths, all of which are essential to the flow of outdoor spaces.

Easy Maintenance

While most people don’t love having to mow their lawns, lawn maintenance for commercial properties can provide a much bigger hassle. Therefore, hardscapes provide the perfect low-maintenance alternative for those with busy schedules or who prefer to avoid high-maintenance spaces.

Hardscapes involve a fraction of the time in upkeep. All that needs to be done is the occasional sweeping to remove debris. During winter, you can relax knowing that deicing salts will not damage the landscape since they don’t require fertiliser or chemicals to thrive.

Increases Property Value

While most people consider materials like concrete boring, they are not. They define an area and can be dressed up by adding sea glass, pebbles, or stamping. Since hardscape material can be easily customised, generating a unique interior that increases your property value becomes easy.

Protects Property

Hardscaping features can protect your property. They make it challenging for unwanted intruders to gain access to your business.

Pavers and stonework are also functional aspects of hardscaping. They prevent water seepage into the foundation and allow a faster runoff into the ground. It decreases the chances of water damage to the dwelling.

What is Softscaping?

As mentioned, softscaping services incorporate living elements into your landscape design. It creates a balance in your outdoor space.

Since you are dealing with live elements, softscaping requires additional attention. However, landscapers at JW Landscaping will work with you to provide the perfect balance of maintenance for your individual situation.

Advantages of Softscaping

Softscaping your outdoor area provides a serene place to relax and unwind, improving mental health. The greenery associated with it promotes a calm sensation, or bursts of flowers can promote cheeriness to the atmosphere.

Improves Air Quality

Plants, flowers and greenery are natural air purifiers. They release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, improving air quality. Softscaping your outdoor space reduces air pollution, positively affecting the environment and your health.

Conserves Water and Prevents Soil Erosion

The plants and tree roots hold soil in their place, preventing erosion. It is important in areas prone to heavy winds and rain. It protects the area from erosion, saving money and time.

Furthermore, softscaping conserves water. Selecting plants native to your area creates a space that requires less water. This factor reduces water consumption and lowers expenses.

Increases Curb Appeal

Well-landscaped properties increase the value of your building. It adds beauty to the outdoor space and makes it more attractive to buyers.

The Cost of Hardscapes and Softscapes

Different facets affect the cost of hardscapes and softscapes. These include the following.


Your property’s size will affect the project cost. The size of the land dictates the complexity of the project. One of our landscaping experts will measure your space and plan the perfect landscape based on your timeline and budget.


Your project may require extra machinery, depending on the conditions of the space. For example, if elements like trees or shrubs require removal, this will likely impact the cost. Reshaping flowerbeds and redoing lawns will also require extra machines: these factors elevate costs.


Clients can do a minimalistic design or incorporate functionality using different features. Costs will increase based on specific features included.

Choose JW Landscaping for Hardscape and Softscape Services

If you want to transform your outdoor spaces, select JW Landscaping for all your landscaping needs. We provide 3D designs, allowing customers to see where features are situated within the design. It assists by supplying our customers with a visual reference to where things will go and what the result will look like.

Professional Workers

Our team of professionals is the best in the business. Our dedication to customer excellence wouldn’t have it any other way. Our softscape and hardscape landscapers have years of experience, are highly skilled/trained, and have up-to-date industry knowledge. They are familiar with current trends and provide the best materials for the project.

Quality Work

We never stop until our clients are satisfied with their project. Our team will keep you apprised of all details of your project and will begin with your approval. We desire that our clients enjoy our work for decades to come. Therefore, we only incorporate top-quality products backed by superior work.

Years of Experience

Our company has had over 15 years in the industry, and our staff remains knowledgeable on the best materials in the business. We know what works and what lasts.


Your outdoor space should reflect your uniqueness and the style of your building, blending seamlessly with your interiors' aesthetics and visual themes. Therefore, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. Customers have different visions for their space. Consequently, we offer customizable solutions tailored to your specific needs.

We treat our customers like individuals, ensuring they receive a personal touch each time.

Get in Touch With JW Landscaping for Expert Hardscaping and Softscaping Services Today

Whether you want to improve your outdoor space’s beauty, increase property value, or create a low-maintenance landscape, the combination of hardscape and softscape construction can transform your space into a functional and stunning oasis.

To discuss your next hardscape construction project or inquire about our softscaping services, don’t hesitate to contact us at 905-512-6549 or email us at for a free consultation. You can also Request a Quote online.



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Jim Gazzard
Jim Gazzard
They installed stone patio and lawn in 2022, and fence in 2023. JW Landscaping is very professional and reliable. Very happy with their work and highly recommend them for any landscaping work.
caitlin peters
caitlin peters
Happy with the work that JW did for us in our front and back yard. The communication was great with Melissa, who was able to work within our budget.
Paul Sutin
Paul Sutin
Hired JW Landscaping to re-sod front yard. Couldn't be more pleased with the finished job. Pic is about 2 and a half weeks in. Thanks to Melissa and team. Punctual and fair price. Fantastic!
Amit Kalia
Amit Kalia
They did a great job quickly and professionally for our real estate clients in Ancaster. Will not hesitate to recommend JW Landscaping!
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Emily Greene
JW Landscaping helped us fix up our backyard. This consisted of installing all new sod in our backyard, also putting down new mulch to complete the look, straightening and laying flat our patio...
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Kate MacDonald
Kate MacDonald
Very impressed with this landscaping/snow removal company. Very responsive to any requests and provide excellent, quality service! Would recommend to anyone!
Debbie Brellisford
Debbie Brellisford
Melissa is great to deal with, I used them for multiple properties I manage
Danger Ranger
Danger Ranger
I hired JW Landscaping to remove a row of bushes and to trim down a tree in my yard. I then had them do a fall clean-up while they were here. They perfectly removed the bushes and leveled the...
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Dan Garcia
Dan Garcia
We have been using JW landscaping for a number of years for commercial ground maintenance and snow services. They are always punctual and complete services as scheduled. They are quick to respond to...
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