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Aug 16, 2023 Armour stone 101: Uses, benefits, and installations

Sourced from local quarries, armour stone is a unique stone that has a range of uses and benefits to create a visually stunning hardscape on any property.

Combined with other features exclusive to your brand, you can increase your property value and curb appeal with one easy material.

However, what does this mean to you and your business when upgrading your hardscape? And why should you consider this naturally beautiful stone on your property? Let’s break it down and explore the value of this special material.

The Many Uses of Armour Stone

Armour stone is naturally occurring and, therefore, has an aesthetic that other materials don’t. It gives charm and beauty to many features that can bolster your property and its value in the long run.

Being durable in all weather conditions, as well as its unique look, this stone will add its own personal touch everywhere it is placed.

You can create focal points that clients and staff can admire, both inside and outside, leading to an icebreaker situation and a general talking point if needed. You can even use it as a selling point when you revisit old marketing materials, showing how the company has grown and developed over the years.


Boundry and retaining walls can be ideal on the property where slopes can cause a risk of flooding or mudslides in high rains. If you want to create a private seating area with living features such as flower beds or add a little extra security with lighting along a path, then armour stone is perfect for such situations.

Culvert Retention

For added drainage on the property, culverts are used to help direct water away from pathways and flower beds to the sewers, leading to less flooding. A good, strong armour stone base erodes slower than other materials and is visually pleasing.

Entrance Pillars

A sleek, modern look with entrance pillars can be an exciting way to invite people into your business without looking clumsy and inelegant. Armour stone adds a rustic touch and is exceptionally strong and long-lasting.

Gateways and Paving Stones

Gateways are not just for larger residential areas but can be incorporated into many other properties. They offer security and privacy to the people working and visiting and give an air of grandeur.

Paving stones or flagstones are inviting to pedestrians and thus need to be able to handle high traffic. Armour stone provides this as a budget-friendly option that will withstand the test of time.

Water Features

When considering water features, we tend to think of grand fountains in circle driveways. However, small and simple waterfalls built into retaining walls (or as an independent feature in seating areas for customers) can be just as effective, if not more so.

As a naturally sourced stone, the water will erode armour more slowly than other materials, meaning the feature itself can change its appearance over time, becoming more unique.

The Benefits of Armour Stone

Several artificial materials boast longevity, durability, and flexibility in their uses, but none can compare to the natural beauty of this stone.

Armour stone comes in large slabs when mined from a quarry, so it must be cut to size before use. Due to the nature of the stone, each cut will produce a different look, meaning no two pieces will be identical. While the edges can be made uniform, the surface will have a texture and appearance you can’t get with man-made materials.

The stone itself is also very strong and heavy. Its durability will withstand the elements, such as heavy rains and snow, without giving way to strong winds. This endurance also means that the structure or feature is low maintenance. You don’t need to worry about fixing cracks or the material crumbling after the first big storm.

Installation of Armour Stone

As mentioned earlier, armour stone is quite heavy. Therefore, it requires special handling when it comes to installation. For armour stone installation in Hamilton, the professionals at JW Landscaping are your go-experts in correctly handling and placing this material.

Knowing the best techniques to create the perfect hardscape for your property, our team will ensure armour stone is the right material to elevate your commercial space and be the talk of the competition.

The Advantages of Armour Stone to Your Commercial Property

With a wide range of uses and a lifespan like no other material, armour stone will create a stunning visual effect in any location you choose to use it for.

From creating enticing entranceways, paths, and gateways to making relaxing water features, culverts, and even retaining walls, your hardscaping will be sturdy and long-lasting for years to come.

Your commercial property will be lifted from drab and unrefined to refreshed and inviting. This increases your curb appeal, customer traffic, and even the property value in the long term. Creating a look unique to your brand will help you stand out from the crowd, as well as save your budget and allow you to focus on other areas of the business.

Since it’s naturally sourced, this material is also environmentally friendly and helps lower your company’s carbon footprint. This is a factor that potential customers often take seriously today when deciding on who to work with.

Contact the Landscaping Professionals

JW Landscaping has been working with armour stone for many years and are the experts in its many functions. We can help you plan your dream vision for your commercial property. This knowledge also allows us to install and work with it to your benefit and budget.

Let us help you explore how armour stone can be introduced to your property to promote your business’s appeal while decreasing your environmental impact. For a free quote online, call 289-290-5241 or contact us here and speak to a team member who is just as passionate about your landscaping as you are.

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